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Welcome to the Center for Global Environmental Health at Seoul National University.

Our environment is inextricably linked to our own health. Impact of environment on health can occur not only in regional basis but also on global scale. We can already see the direct and indirect health impacts of environmental pollution on all over the world. Regional solution may not be enough to manage environmental health.

In 2021, we launched CGEH with the mission of improving health for all people through research, training and translation directed at environmental exposures that lead to avoidable diseases, disabilities and deaths.


Seoul National University has tremendous resources, high quality expertise and broad networks of collaborators. We can harness these resources to manage environmental health problems in multiple countries.


With partners inside and outside SNU, CGEH conducts multidisciplinary research related to environmental exposures and the causes and prevention of adverse health effects, and facilitates the exchange of information between academic scientists, resource agencies and the public.

Take some time to browse our site and explore our research and educational opportunities in CGEH.

If you are interested, please contact us. ( )



Kiyoung Lee


Director of CGEH

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